Blum Orgaline Inserts For Drawers

Bum Orgaline drawer inserts & accessories are quality manufactured and fit Blum's range of products. Steel cutlery trays, film/foil cutters or spice holders are only a fraction of the products available to organise your kitchen drawers.

Organise your storage space to meet your individual needs using the award winning adjustable Orga-line system. Profit from interior organisation that is customised to the items that are being stored while emphasising quality and durability at the same time. Quality stainless steel drawer inserts

Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Tray 500mm Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Tray 500mm  2
    Drawers & Storage

    Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Tray 450x300-1200 Drawer

    W300 to 1000mm Suitable Width Measurement. 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1200mm Drawer Widths. 450mm Depth Runners
    Umbra Grey 3-1200mm Kitchen Drawer Matting 500mm DepthUmbra Grey 3-1200mm Kitchen Drawer Matting 500mm Depth 2
      Blum Legrabox

      FIBRE 500mm Depth Legrabox Drawer Matting...

      Suits 300mm To 1200mm Drawer Widths, Legrabox Umbra Grey Finish, 450mm Depth Systems, Cut To Suit Your Internal Drawer Size
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