Blum Aventos HK-S

Blum Aventos HK-S is well suited for small lift systems. It opens & closes in a smooth motion with hardly any effort at all. The variable stop ensures that the front always remains in the desired position. To calculate your required HK-S - Multiply the cabinet height (mm) by the door weight including the handle weight (Kg). It is recommended the more powerful lift mechanism for overlapping areas. Blumotion inside, choices of lights, medium or heavy mechanisms are available. Blum Aventos HK-S Part Options: 1 x Lift mechanism Light, medium or heavy 1 x Front HK-S Front fixing bracket 1 x HK-S Front fixing bracket for wooden fronts 1 x Cover cap left/right silk white Blum HK-S is the right solution for small wall cabinets and for fitted units, e.g. above larder units or refrigerators *Cabinet heights up to a max. of 400 mm *Cabinet widths depend on the power factor *3 lift mechanism types *Can be used with cornice and mouldings *Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically *For wooden and aluminium frame fronts

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