Blum Aventos HK

Blum Aventos HK For Stay Lifts. Blum Aventos HK Brochure Here

Suits lift up cabinet heights up to 600mm & widths up to 1800mm.

4 lift mechanisms types for all applications. Designed for use in tight areas, as needs little space, even above cabinets, such as above refrigeration. Aventos HK presents a flexible programme and a wide range of planning options.

Blum Aventos HK Lift Mechanism & Arm Set, 4 TypesBlum Aventos HK Lift Mechanism & Arm Set, 4 Types 2
    Kitchen Accessories

    Blum Aventos HK Lift Mechanism Set with Arm,...

    20K2300, 20K2500, 20K2700, 20K2900 Blum Aventos HK Lift Up Hinges Mechanism With Arm, Four options, For cabinets up to heights 600mm & widths 1800mm.
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