T Bar Handles Brushed Nickel Various Sizes

    FF580 'T' Bar Handle Brushed Nickel Finish - Many Sizes

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     96, 128, 156, 160, 177, 184, 224, 256, 306, 327, 352, 357, 377, 456, 477, 595, 632, 677, 775, 860, & 1125mm.


    FF580 'T' Bar Handle Brushed Nickel Finish - Many Sizes

    A simplistic modern design handle available in a range of sizes to suit all fascia's and drawer fronts. All include fixing screws designed for 18mm thick doors.

    Finished in a brushed nickel and include fixing screws to suit 18mm doors.


    (c): Centre hole size

    (l): Length of handle

    [Øleg]: Diameter of leg: 10mm

    [Øbar]: Diameter of bar: 12mm

    (p): Protrusion: 31mm


    96mm (c) 156mm (l)

    128mm (c) 186mm (l)

    156mm (c) 226mm (l)

    184mm (c) 244mm (l)

    224mm (c) 294mm (l)

    256mm (c) 326mm (l)

    284mm (c) 344mm (l)

    306mm (c) 376mm (l)

    327mm (c) 387mm (l)

    357mm (c) 426mm (l)

    377mm (c) 437mm (l)

    456mm (c) 526mm (l)

    477mm (c) 537mm (l)

    595mm (c) 655mm (l)

    632mm (c) 702mm (l)

    677mm (c) 737mm (l)

    775mm (c) 835mm (l)

    860mm (c) 920mm (l)

    1125mm (c) 1185mm (l) (Due to its length this handle comes with a 3rd central supporting leg)

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