Cramer Email Star Ceramic, Stainless,...

Cramer Email Star Ceramic, Stainless, Enamel Sink Cleaner

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Cramer Cleaning Solutions - Email Star, For Ceramic, Stainless or Enamel

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Cramer Email Star Cleaner - Stainless Steel, Enable or Ceramic

Large amounts are spent today in high end stainless steel or ceramic kitchen sinks along with expensive enamel products. With the Email Star cleaner, these purchases can be transpired back to new or maintained with the acid free solution.

Harsh chemicals are often used which can in turn damage the surface of your products, the sensitive yet effective ingredients used in the Email Star will only aid in prolonging and preserving, surfaces back to their glossy self. A polishing compound which is uniquely developed to preserve & care for enamel, stainless or ceramic materials. Shine like a star!

Perfect for kitchen or bathroom sinks! Eco friendly!


  • Suits various materials
  • Polishing & cleaning compound
  • Acid free
  • Gently cleans surfaces
  • Eco friendly
  • TUV certified
  • Lasts 3 years once opened

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