Z10K800AE.21 Cable Pack For Servo Drive Flex
Servo Drive Flex
Blum Servo Drive Flex Cable Pack...
Blum Servo Drive Flex Cable Pack...
Z10K800AE.21 Cable Pack For Servo Drive Flex
Servo Drive Flex

Blum Servo Drive Flex Cable Pack Z10K800AE.21

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Blum Servo Drive Flex - Cable  Pack Z10K800AE.21

Blum Servo drive Flex - Cable Pack Z10K800AE.21

Servo drive Flex by Blum is perfect for use with built-in fridge or freezers along with dishwashers. Simple to assemble in four easy methods. No qualified electrician is required as the system is conveniently supplied in a plug & play module, all that is required is a screwdriver!.
A flexible system that offers different requirements for each appliance type. Built-in features include automatic self-closing & lean protection. The lean protection enables the system to differentiate between short pressing actions and longer leaning actions which prevent the accidental triggering of the opening system. 

This system is suitable for a standard tall integrated fridge or tall freezer as well as a dishwasher. Combination fridge/freezer is fitted with individual Servo drive flex units, offering a solution for the independent opening of each door. Large or heavy doors are also suitable but will require two synchronised servo units to be purchased & used. 

When using for a dishwasher a void of 78mm will be required between dishwasher & the work surface to be able to have enough space to fit. The drive needs to be fitted in the centre of the recess. An additional plate will also need to be purchased. 

Blum Comments:  The Servo Drive flex unit now makes it possible to keep the clean, handle-less aesthetics flowing throughout the entire kitchen Thanks to the electrical opening, a light touch is all that is required to open integrated refrigerators, freezers or dishwashers.

This listing is for the Cable Pack only Z10K800AE.21

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  • Blum quality
  • Servo Drive Flex - Cable pack
  • Suits built-in appliances
  • Servo drive required Z10C500A
  • Lifetime warranty


  • 30 x Distance buffers
  • 10 x Cable clips
  • 10 x Connecting nodes
  • 8M Cable
  • 5 x Endcaps

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