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4 In 1 Hot Tap Clearwater Magnus
Magbus 4 in one Hot, Cold Filtered Boiling Water Tap
Clearwater Magus 4 in One Hot Water...
Clearwater Magus 4 in One Hot Water...
4 In 1 Hot Tap Clearwater Magnus
Magbus 4 in one Hot, Cold Filtered Boiling Water Tap

Clearwater Magus 4 in One Hot Water Kitchen Tap Brushed

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Clearwater Magus 4 In One Electronic Kitchen Tap, Cold, Warm, Filtered Cold & Boiling Hot Water! Brushed Nickel

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Clearwater Magus 4 In One Electronic Kitchen Tap - Brushed Nickel

The Magus 4 Electronic really is the complete package; it combines elegant design with intuitive controls that deliver four water options. The left-hand LED electronic control dispenses 98°C filtered water at the touch of a button while the right-hand lever delivers domestic hot and cold water as well as fresh tasting cold filtered water. When you own a Magus 4 you will never need to use your kettle or buy bottled water again!

This tap is unique, offering 4 Functions. Domestic hot, domestic cold for standard kitchen use, such as cleaning veg & washing the pots. 98°C filtered water along with cold filtered water is also available, really combining all uses in one modern kitchen tap. No need for extra tap holes or expense with a further boiling water or cold filtered water taps.

Many advanced features with a Child safe operation - advanced electronic control with LED illumination denoting hot function. Cool touch spout - Centrally insulated 98°C channel ensuring spout remains safe to touch. Advanced filtration - protects the boiler from limescale formation, removes contaminants and improves taste and odour of the water to achieve the perfect hot & cold drinks. 

A thermostatic boiler is also included along with a filter that will supply the average home 6 months of use, neat package with connections. The tap is available in five finishes, this version finished in a brushed nickel, but also polished chrome, Brushed copper, Brushed black or Matt black. A 1.0 bar pressure is recommended.

1 LED glows Blue - indicates the child lock is on. 2 Press control for 3 seconds to unlock - LED glows red and flickers. 3 Press control again and hold to dispense 98°C water - LED glows constant red. 4 Release pressure on control to cease flow – LED glows blue after 10 seconds, child lock on.


  • 4 In one kitchen tap
  • Cold, warm, filtered hot & cold water
  • Five finishes available - Brushed Nickel
  • Fresher tasting water
  • Complete set
  • Tap, boiler, filter & connections
  • 1.0 Bar pressure required
  • LED light
  • Child safety operation


  • Tap height 346mm
  • Tap width 200mm
  • Base to under spout 260mm
  • Total lever height 188mm
  • 50mm base
  • 35mm Mounting hole

Boiler Dimensions

  • Height 334mm
  • Width 225mm
  • Depth 201mm

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