Clearwater Magus 3-1 Hot boiling kitchen tap
Clearwater Magus 3 in One Hot Water...
Clearwater Magus 3 in One Hot Water...
Clearwater Magus 3 in One Hot Water...
Clearwater Magus 3 in One Hot Water...
Clearwater Magus 3-1 Hot boiling kitchen tap

Clearwater Magus 3 in One Hot Water Kitchen Tap Brass "U"

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Clearwater Magus 3 In One Kitchen Tap, Cold, Warm, & Filtered Boiling Hot Water! Brushed Brass PVD

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Clearwater Magus 3 In One Electronic Kitchen Tap - Brushed Brass PVD

The Magus 3 it combines elegant design with intuitive controls that deliver three water options. The left-hand control dispenses 98°C filtered water at the touch of a button while the right-hand lever delivers domestic hot and cold water water. 

Domestic hot, domestic cold for standard kitchen use, such as cleaning veg & washing the pots. 98°C filtered water also available, really combining all uses in one modern kitchen tap. 

Many advanced features with a Child safe operation - Cool touch spout - Centrally insulated 98°C channel ensuring spout remains safe to touch. Advanced filtration - protects the boiler from limescale formation, removes contaminants and improves taste and odour of the water to achieve the perfect hot & cold drinks. 

A thermostatic boiler is also included along with a filter that will supply the average home 6 months of use, neat package with connections. The tap is available in five finishes, this version finished in this option Brushed brass but also Brushed nickel, Brushed copper, polished chrome or Matt black. A 1.0 bar pressure is recommended.

The thermostatic boiler is capable of supplying 60 cups an hour. Requires a simple installation using a 13amp plug. An anti scale filter is provided, which reduces lime scale and improves the water taste. States of the art digital controls & accurate to 0.5 degrees variable. The filter alert will prompt you via an audible warning along with a digital reminder when needs to be replaced.  

Finished in a Brushed brass PVD, the PVD is a physical deposition coating which is a high-tech vacuum deposition process where the coating material transfers, this provides an extremely pure and high performance coating. 


  • 3 In one kitchen tap
  • Cold, warm, filtered hot boiling water
  • Five finishes available - Brushed Brass PVD
  • Fresher tasting water
  • Cool touch spout
  • Complete set
  • Tap, boiler, filter & connections
  • 1.0 Bar pressure required
  • LED light
  • Child safety operation


  • Tap height 348mm
  • Tap width 200mm
  • Base to under spout 255mm
  • 50mm base
  • 35mm Mounting hole

Boiler Dimensions

  • Height 334mm
  • Width 225mm
  • Depth 201mm

Boiler Technical

  • 2.4 L capacity
  • Easy fitting
  • Anti-scale
  • 7 Temperature settings
  • Operates 1.5 to 5 bar cold mains
  • 2 Year warranty
  • WRAS approved Replacement filter F6C1