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Schock Sinks are hard wearing & very strong. But sleek & modern also

Schock the leading name in granite kitchen sinks

Product benefits include, dirt repellent, Odour free, Heat resistant up to 180 degrees, Food safe, Easy to clean, Impact & Fade resistant & made to last. 

Available in CRISTALITE - has a slightly rough finish that feels stone-like or CRISTADUR which has a poreless silky smooth feel and a patent shine.


15-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Suitable for waste disposal unit, Available for Undermount, Topmount or inset installation

The shock material world

SHOCK rinsing consist roughly 80% of quartz, the hardest part of granite. They are therefore also called "Granite sinks". She developed and patented granite of shock

Rinse has in the past 30 years as Premiumspülengat-

Tung highest recognition acquired and is now successfully

sold over 1.5 million copies per year on all continents.


The Quartz is bound by highest quality acrylic. The Zusam composition of acrylic and quartz makes the sinks as robust.

Scratches and dirt, and their longevity.

The materials of CRISTADUR and CRISTALITE are specific of shock

cially developed for the requirements in the kitchen. Alltagsbe-

without a trace, assess go over to them. All shock sinks are extremely durable and easy to clean – red wine, coffee or heavy pots can harm them.

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