Boiling Hot Water Taps

Boiling Hot Water Taps : Energy Efficient. Use as a main kitchen tap or an additional talking point! Many manufacturers available including in sink erator, Brita, Grohe & Gessi. Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever did without it! No leads, no clutter, no mess. Hot water kitchen taps do come with a variety of functions, make sure you select the right model for you and your family. Insinkerator offer GN1100 simply a boiling hot water tap, perfect as an additional tap. The HC1100 range has boiling hot & cold filtered water together. The new Insinkerator H3N1 tap is a 3n1 tap, offering fresh cold water, regular hot water & steaming filtered boiling water. The new Brita 3n1 offers the ability to have standard cold, hot & boiling water along with the filter starter kit that upgrades the tap to also include fresh cold filtered drinking water, a 4n1 option! Grohe & gessi are also quality kitchen taps with boiling water function.
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