Tall Larders/Pantry Storage

Tall Kitchen larders are an ideal way to maximise storage capacity. Adding pull out shelves, wire-works, baskets or drawers can help to reach the back of units otherwise wasted. Pull outs to suit 300, 400 or 500mm, Swing pantry shelving, pull out larders or internal kitchen drawers are all ways to increase your storage options. 

Storage for tall larders include pull outs & swing pantries which are available from manufactures Kessebohmer, Peka, Vauth Sagel or Sige to name a few. Suiting hinged doors or door fix applications. Oak pantry storage also offered to suit more classic styled kitchens. 

CHOOSE YOUR UNIT WIDTH from the side menu bar. Accessories & Oak pantry storage/accessories also available. Please note all Tall storage is designed for standard units and may not suit in frame door styles.

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