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Villeroy & Boch Kitchen Sinks

Villeroy & Boch kitchen sinks are made from high quality materials. Their ceramic is heat resistant up to 1200 degree centigrade. scratch proof and resistant tpo household chemicals. Included is a 20 year warranty.

Waste kits for Villeroy & Boch Kitchen sinks

Timeless elegance, innovative design and outstanding quality products.

Villeroy & Boch enrich life with good design, lasting quality, assured sense of style and hardwearing material

Chemical resistant & extremely resistant to scratching. Looks great in any kitchen

Style & sizes to suit every kitchen - 

FARMHOUSE & BUTLER SINKS- sit on apron front, this meaning the front of the kitchen sink is exposed. This offering a real classic option. Belfast type, a timeless classic

SUBWAY - Range of minimalist modern design sinks. Versatile sinks with the option of bowl only and very chic drainer models. 

CISTERNA - traditional range of undermounted sinks.

MEDICI- very practical sinks with sensible size bowls and neat recessed draining grooves for a modern touch. 

20 Year warranty.

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