Swing/Pantry Larders

Pull out & swing larder systems, Suits 300mm wide external width units. The swing larders are suited to hinged door cabinets. The door is opened and the baskets swing into view for you. The pull out technology is smooth and quiet. Some pantry larders includes door baskets also, creating a huge storage area in just one cabinet. 

Kessebohmer, Vauth Sagel, Vibo & Peka 

300mm Kessebohmer Arena Swing Larder 300mm Kessebohmer Arena Swing Larder  2
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Kitchen Storage Solutions

300mm Kessebohmer Swing Tall Larder Arena 1800-2200

FREE ECONOMY DELIVERY - 1800-2200mm Height, Arena Grey Swing Larder, 300mm Wide Tall Larder
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