VuPlex Multi Purpose Cleaner/Protector & Polish
VuPlex Multi Cleaner/Protector Door...
VuPlex Multi Purpose Cleaner/Protector & Polish

VuPlex Multi Cleaner/Protector Door Polish 200/375g

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VuPlex Multi Purpose Cleaner & Protector. Metals, Glass, Laminates, Composite, Granites Etc, The One Cleaner To Own!


VuPlex Cleaner & Protector 

A valuable addition in the home. The Vuplex spray is an easy and effective way to clean, protect & polish all clear & coloured plastics. 

Can be used on kitchen/bedroom or bathroom laminated, lacquered or painted doors. Metals, Glass, Chrome. Glass cleaning, composite surfaces & granite tops. Suits most hard non-porous surfaces in the home or business.

Cleans using safe ingredients that won't damage delicate high gloss. Will also clean a broad range of common household stains.

With High gloss doors, static can build, this attracting abrasive materials, VuPlex controls this with the anti-static properties. Also accelerating hardening process protecting the surface from the outset. VuPlex can also provide improved scratch resistance.

Water & other contaminates are repelled from the surface, which is important for stone and composite materials. Can be used on food preparation areas (once a week recommended)

Please note: VuPlex must be used with a microfibre cloth and not paper towel.


  • Cleans without smears
  • Can lift stains
  • anti-static
  • Aids scratches
  • Sprays evenly 
  • Protects
  • Safe & hygienic

Suits Materials

  • Home or business
  • Kitchens, Office, Caravans etc
  • Metals 
  • Plastics
  • Granite
  • Composite worktops
  • Laminates

Available Sizes - 200g or 375g