Blum - a strong brand Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into an experience that significantly increases the comfort of motion in all areas of the house, but especially the kitchen. Over 5000 employees are working worldwide realising our goal to create perfect motion for Blum fittings systems. Within this process, we always focus on the needs of the kitchen and furniture user. Our fittings systems shout "high quality" with their well-thought-out function, recognised design and high durability. They are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks. Fitters help line : 0800 2300898
Wood-Line Oak Foil & Film Cutter Insert For Cutlery Trays
    Internal Storage, Cutlery Trays & Inserts

    Wood-Line Oak Foil & Film Cutter Insert For...

    LDL Online
    Suits 450-500mm External Depth Drawer Systems, Wood-Line Oak Foil & Film Cutter, Insert For Oak Cutlery Trays
    Cutlery Tray For Tandembox 450mm Deep AnthraciteCutlery Tray For Tandembox 450mm Deep Anthracite 2
      Cutlery Trays/Inserts

      Cutlery Tray Insert For Tandembox 450mm Deep...

      Hafele UK Ltd
      Suits Blum Tandembox External Drawer widths; 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm & 1000mm, 423mm Depth. Anthracite Cutlery Tray Insert & Sealing Strips
      Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Trays Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Trays  2
        Blum Orgaline Inserts For Drawers

        Blum Orga-Line Cutlery Tray 450mm Depth Suits...

        W300 to 1000mm Suitable Width Measurement. 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm & 1200mm Drawer Widths. 450mm Depth Runners
        Blum Antaro Drawer Runners For Wesco Bins Pullboy & PremiumBlum Antaro Drawer Runners For Wesco Bins Pullboy & Premium 2
          Bin Accessories

          Blum Antaro Drawer Kit Suits Wesco Bins...

          Suits WESCO Pullboy & Premium Waste Bins. Select Your Chosen Bin & We Will Send Size Of Runners To Suit, Soft Closing, Blumotion
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