Loox 12 V System

Loox includes an assortment of lighting systems, these products are all compatible and with in the mix & match 12V system, enabling easy ordering. The heart of the system consists of the innovative and powerful drivers.

Simple & flexible design of the system is reflected in the plug & play technology, and makes it easy to integrate LED lighting in your furniture.

Loox lighting systems have many certificates and test symbols, also ideal for international use. Loox has a suitable driver with the right output for any system. Suitable for for the different voltages and frequencies that are found all over the world. 

Email or call for the Loox brochure: 

Loox Helpful Guide : Choose 12V - 24V or 350Ma

1) Driver - Purchase a Loox suitable driver with the right output

2) Lights - Select chosen light for the chosen driver, colour coded makes selection easy

3) Switches - Connect the standard switches directly to the driver & reap the benefits that any switch  is suitable for any driver with no need for additional control units.

4) Plug & light up!

System Components - Based on plug & play driver, you can customise the system in accordance with your requirements using add on modules. The flexible, modular system components make it possible to have a wide range of applications. 

3 Way Distributor with switching function - The relevant lights can be operated separately and individually using the 3 way distributor connected to the output of the light.

Multi switch box - 1 LED driver operated by up to 3 switches. The way the LED driver can be switched on and off from different points.

Multi driver box - Up to 3 LED drivers can be controlled with one switch. Several drivers along with several lights can then be switched on & off with one switch. These can also be three of the same driver if you require additional power in a 12 V system for example.

Converter 350mA to 12 V - Combine 350 mA lights with 12 V lights and operate then using a single 12 V driver.

4-Way extension lead - 4 LED lights can be connected with a single lead from an LED output using the 4 way extension

6-Way distributor - Connect the 6 way distributor to an LED light output and you will be able to operate 6 additional lights using the driver.

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