Aluplash Splashbacks, are decorative wall coverings suiting a range of rooms in the home. Kitchens, utility rooms & bathrooms are popular due to being easy to clean, Fire resistant, grout free & quick & easy to install. This eliminating tile mould, Alusplash enables dirt & grime to be easily just wiped away.

AluSplash, offers a range of eco-friendly whilst sleek & affordable splashbacks for kitchens walls or island backs along with shower walls. Being steam or water resistant the AluSplash is perfect for kitchens, shower walls or even retail spaces. A seamless, modern run of colour that is an innovative alternative to tiles or glass. The eye catching ultra high gloss finish will reflect the light whilst adding a shot of metallic colour. Matt Elements range are also durable with a modern finish in some real classy colours.

The new quality AluSplash splashbacks are FIRA tested so can also be used behind cookers & hobs including gas burner types. Easy to clean & exceptionally durable, the surface has been coated with carefully considered anti mould and bacterial growth formulas, making it a hygienic solution for today's busy kitchens, enabling less time in cleaning and more time spent entertaining.

Not only is the AluSplash range is available in a variety of colours to match the modern living of today, certain panels are available in a dual finish includes a different colour on each side. It also boasts a hassle-free, easy installation process. An installation kit is also available to purchase which allow minimal tools. The essentials collection includes a large range of solid colours ensuring a perfect backdrop for your space.

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