Sige Wirework & Storage Solutions

Sige, Italian Designer OF Kitchen Wireworks, bins & storage ideas. 

Sige work in such a way that they are constantly aware of the demands and the trends in the marketplace, which only wants players who are realistic and capable of constant renewal and improvement in the way they manage their own industrial performances.

This is exactly what Sige is able to do on a daily basis:

Constantly checking everything during the planning phase, with the help of 3D computer programming as well as an automation system that allows us to carry out checks on the quality and security of all our processes.

Respecting the environment and adopting energy-saving measures that cut to the minimum any waste created during the production phase.

Achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and SA8000 certifications which confirm these trends and bear witness to the socially responsible approach that the company adopts towards itself, its employees and its surroundings.

You can be sure your chosen kitchen storage solution will always work!

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