Blum Antaro Internal "D"Drawer Set 500mm Glass Element

Blum Antaro Internal "D" Drawer Set 500mm Glass Element 30Kg

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Blum Tandembox Antaro Internal Drawer Sets, Glass Design element, Silk White. Easy To Order Drawer Complete Systems. Easy To Order Internal Drawer Sets

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Blum Tandembox Antaro Internal Drawer Sets - "D" Height 500mm Depth

Includes Glass Sides Design Element *3D*

The Antaro range from Blum has all the qualities the Tandembox drawers holds but also features a minimalist modern design drawer system, where all components are colour coordinated and the sleek design makes them a clear cut, modern choice. All sets are deisgned for the external cabinet width size i.e a 300mm drawer will suit a 300mm external sized unit.

TANDEMBOX antaro can be assembled without tools within a matter of seconds. 3-dimensional front adjustment produces precise gap alignment. Height and side adjustments are quick and easy through an opening on the drawer side. Tilt is adjusted by twisting a section at the front of the rail. 

Below are easy to order complete INTERNAL drawer full sets. Including a "cut to size" reversible colour matching grey & white 16mm MFC base. Min internal 503mm depth required

Please note: Zero protrusion hinges may be required to allow successful opening of your internal drawers! See accessories to purchase 

Qualities of the Blum Antaro range :

  • Internal drawer - Glass design
  • Clear cut, rectangular concept
  • Coordinated colour scheme
  • Easy fitting & 3-dimensional front adjustment
  • Easy to order complete inner secret drawer system
  • Silk white finish, also available in grey
  • Includes Glass design element

Complete Inner drawer set includes :

  • Pair of "M" height white drawers sides (83mm)
  • Pair of 500mm depth Blummotion runners
  • Pair of 500mm depth white rectangular gallery rails
  • Pair of Antaro design element bracket set
  • Pair of Antaro Frosted glass element 500mm depth
  • X2 Drawer side cover caps
  • "D" Height white steel back
  • "D" Height white internal drawer front
  • X1 500mm reversible grey/white 16mm MFC base (Cut down to size for 450mm depths)


  • Colour finish : Silk white
  • Load capacity : 30Kg 300 to 600
  • Load capacity : 50Kg 700 to 1200mm
  • Drawer depth 500mm
  • Min 503mm depth required
  • Installation height 224mm
  • Soft closing
  • Pre-assembled
  • Screws not included

*3D* Drawer arrives pre-assembled (*Runners to be fitted to your unit first)

New BESPOKE *3D* drawer manufacture service also available

Please choose your width required from the drop down bar above, not sure what you need or size required? Give our helpful team a call on 01205 760462 or email us requirements to :

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